I'm so grateful to be able to connect with you through the innerwebs, and to offer you some guidance through the messages that come through our readings. I've been reading for people in person and remotely for over 20 years and know that I am a translator, conduit, and messenger of the divine. I also know that you are as well, and that we are all reflections of one another. I don't have all the answers, but I do hold keys that help you remember your own. I do this by reflecting, listening, holding space, performing empathy, and offering insights from the symbols that arise synchronistically during our sessions together.  

I love the realms of myth, magick, and the esoteric and hope to inspire your life to come into a deeper sense of purposeful living.



Psychic Reading and Intuitive Counseling



One Card Reading. You'll receive a message from the universe in a precise and quick way. We can be sacred in a second.



We will pull a full spread of cards, and explore your questions about health, love, life path, wealth, and more. Because really we all care about the same things.



We have time to go even deeper into your inquiries about love, life, and purposeful living. Each session is customized to your needs. 



Paid Plans and Special Offers




$444 value

Four 60 Minute Readings

You have the opportunity to receive consistent guidance over a period of time. Customize your schedule so that we can drop into a rythym and go deeper into life's mysteries.



$719 value

Four 60 Minute Phone Readings

Access to Intro to the Oracle Arts I, II, and III, The Great Dream Journal Adventure online course, and future access to an online course of your choice! 



There are currently 3 spaces available to have access to a FREE subscription package. 

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Straight up magic!! I've never been a great believer in Tarot, but the reading I received from Emakhet absolutely blew my mind. Her clarity and depth of perception helped illuminate my own gifts and challenges, offering me greater insight into myself and my path through life. She makes the Dream a reality with grounded focus and a no nonsense attitude. Ema is wise beyond words - a kind soul and a true professional.

Dillon McCord

Emakhet is a Divine, radiant and CLEAR Channel. She carries an astounding gift ~ the ability to literally pull from the Akashic and astral to convey the bigger picture and greater truth. She is always on point and 100% accurate, without me having to even relay a word to her about what is going on, she can see and know exactly what is every time. I highly recommend her services and readings, I more so recommend a package to work with her consistently as I feel it is important to have Guidance and assistance along this path when we really need it. I deeply honor this woman for her gifts and the rarity that they are in this world.

Infinita Amare

'Emakhet is a true Oracle'

Grant Chambers

Emakhet and I have been connecting over 5 years while I have been traveling all over. Without meeting ever meeting in person her guidance has always been accurate, direct, and extremely intuitive. She has assisted me with both card readings and dream interpretation . She has offered much guidance on my journeys in all aspects of life and I will continue to recommended her to anyone serious about having a safe, genuine, and loving guide threw the subconscious.

Massimo Izzo

My experience with Emakhet Uru as an intuitive, oracle, dreamer, council facilitator and human being is truly profound. In her I feel a sense of bringing the wisdom and clarity of the divine through a clear channel and into the realm of the everyday, here and now. This path is walked with grace, heart and gratitude. Her experience with various spiritual and cultural traditions informs and brings a multi-perspectival breadth to her sharing. With many allies on her side in this way, her
true colors show when she is able to hold space and facilitate our own inner knowing to shine through. The combination of assistance and allowance that has made a home in her is truly a beautiful gift. Mahalo Emakhet, for all that you do ~*~

Jon Popejoy


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